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    [View west down Cross Street in Manchester]

    91k JPEG circa 1982

    Lies some 12 miles south east of Bolton. Manchester has its own virtual pages. Note: This picture is taken above the spot where the IRA 'bomb' van was parked. On June 15th 1996, a van was parked on the right hand side of the road in this picture, and exploded at 11:40am BST. This bridge, with much of the surrounding area had been devastated. Rebuilding is now complete and the area has been reopened.

    [Tudor pub]

    130k JPEG The Old Wellington pub in Shambles Square circa 1982

    Shambles Square is reached from the upper mall of the Manchester Arndale Centre.

    More Manchester information is at http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/

    Take a look at Manchester 2002 http://www.manchester2002-uk.com/ regarding the commonwealth games, also http://www.commonwealthgames2002.com/.

    Also check out the Greater Manchester Record Office at http://www.gmcro.co.uk/

    A popular soap opera Coronation Street is set in Salford, near Manchester.

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