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    The Fountains in Victoria Square

    The original octagonal fountains in Victoria Square have been demolished during the refurbishment. This was not a popular move with some of Bolton's residents, this page is presented as a photographic history of their memory.


    185k JPEG Summer 1998

    This view of the south fountain clearly shows the cracks. Note also that only the centre jets are working.


    174k JPEG Summer 1998

    This is the north fountain.


    133k JPEG Autumn 1998

    A close up of the inside of the fountain with a town hall backdrop.

    [panoramic fountain]

    32k GIF 73k JPEG Old fountain picture taken with fisheye lens

    This unusual picture although distorted does show the whole of the fountain.

    [old picture of 

    130k JPEG Summer 1981

    This picture shows in the top left corner, a fountain in all its glory. Taken from the town hall steps during an outdoor art exhibition one summer. You can see the inside and outside jets operating.

    [square stepped fountain]

    25k GIF 81k JPEG New Victoria Square Fountain January 2000

    This is one of the new fountains.

    [square fountain]

    30k GIF 114k JPEG Victoria Square fountain with lights on February 2000

    This picture shows the floodlights of the fountains.

    [square stepped fountain]

    32k GIF 103k JPEG South fountain in Victoria Square April 2000

    The level rises and falls of the jets.

    [square stepped fountain]

    30k GIF 96k JPEG North fountain in Victoria Square April 2000

    Components of the old fountains were used in these.

    [water and fountain in sunshine]

    27k GIF 83k JPEG New fountain in the sun April 2000

    With the jets at full, when the sun catches the water this makes quite a nice effect in the square.

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